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The 2B Awards was started because we know that there is an amazing amount of talent out there that unfortunately remains hidden because there is no easy venue for it to be displayed. Yes, there are those televised shows, but getting on them is next to impossible. Travel to the auditions, standing in lines that never seem to end, and finally getting two minutes to audition to a few people who have already seen 1000 people that day.

Now, from the comfort of your own home and on your schedule, you can upload your video in one of many categories, and every month online voting will determine the winners, who can take home up to $10,000 in cash! But that’s not all, and here’s what distinguishes the 2B Awards from all other talent showcases and competitions. We actively take our winning videos and get them in front of entertainment professionals like talent scouts and agents to help you get a career in the entertainment business!

We focus on people with real talent and honestly do our best to help you succeed in the fabulous and lucrative entertainment industry! We KNOW that there are so many people out there who believe they will never get a shot, because they don’t have famous parents or inside connections. We are here to level the playing field.

So now’s the time to show the world what you got! Record your video and upload it by following the simple directions on this website. It’s easy. It’s FUN.

Important Information About Privacy

The 2B Awards cares about your privacy, and we hate spam as much as you do. We will never sell, rent, or in any way allow any entity to have access to your information, including names, addresses, or email addresses. If you have concerns, contact us, we take your privacy seriously and welcome your comments.

The 2BAwards will take the liberty of disqualifying any entrée and removing the video from our website if we feel it is inappropriate. We will not accept any video that is hate based, or shows any type of criminal behavior. The discretion of the 2BAwards is the final say in all cases.