Michael “Mickey” Klein – President / Gen. Mgr.
Ozark Internet Radio Network, LLC.

Top Winning Videos on the 2B Awards Will Have Opportunity for Their Music to be Heard on Branson World Radio!!!

 In 1999, I started an Internet Radio Station. We must be doing something right, be-
cause “Branson World Radio” is ranked #1 in the “Hot Country” genre on
our network. In fact, our plans include starting a second I-Radio station
featuring Rock music of the 70’s and 80’s.

Over the 12 years that BWR has been online, we have been programming commercial Top-40 Country
music, with a blend of the hits and Classics. Different from typical radio “chatter”, BWR promotes vaca-
tioning and travel information, primarily for Branson, MO.

During that time, we have received TONS of music from unsigned, Independent artists, begging for radio

A musician myself (yes, drummers are musicians too), I knew that there was great talent sitting on my
shelves, and more STILL comes in every week! So how do I get this clutter organized into something that
benefits all involved… small minds tend to ponder!

In Chicago, my specialty was creating marketing campaigns for radio stations across the U.S., so I fig-
ured if it could be done for them, it could be done for BWR. The main thing every artist, performer and
writer needs is exposure. But exposure without a solid marketing effort is worthless. I’m from “Old
School” radio, so if I hear something on the box I like, I want to be able to buy it… to see the artist per-
form… get their collectibles.

Rather than make listeners turn to a paid subscription to hear our station and destroy our #1 rank, our
revenue has to come from program and advertising sales. Making an artist pay to get his music played is
not only illegal, it’s just not ethical. But what if that artist, performer or writer was “advertising” their
works on our station? A promotion that not only includes radio play on our I-Radio station, but becomes
part of a weekly produced program that is networked to all of our affiliated radio stations. Includes a per-
sonal profile where followers can order CDs and see where their favorite artists are performing. And how
about including a “Live Tour” opportunity to perform in Branson and the Ozarks, as well as where ever
we have affiliated stations—all webcast LIVE. But most of all, keep it affordable. That’s how the “Branson
Independent Coalition for Musicians and Artists” (Branson ICMA) was born.