Checking it Out: Your Chance To Show Your Stuff… 


Winning Cash is Seconds Away

Please fill out your Public and Personal profile as well as the Winner contact page in its entirety before you get started.

Once complete, go to the Purchase Video/Voting Packages page and choose what best suits you. Each month you will be given a free video upload at the Bronze level and one FREE vote to be used…you decide.

If you would like to be a premium member then take a look at the Silver and Gold packages. These offer more upload time, one free vote and an opportunity to build a fan base that is yours to keep.

See the Official Rules and the Submission page for details.

I See You Are Charging People To Upload Their Video? What’s Up With That?

We are glad you asked! The winners of the monthly 2B Awards win cash – as much as $10,000! And perhaps even more important, we have contacts with professional talent agencies, record labels, modeling agencies, and others who have agreed to view many of your video recordings! You can’t get that on Youtube, or any other site. Also – you are going to love this – we have entered into agreements with some stars, people you know who are professional musicians, actors, choreographers, and others who are going to contact winners and give them critiques and pointers to help their careers. YOU CAN’T GET THIS ANYWHERE ELSE.

Do you have a burning desire to succeed in the entertainment business? This may be the catalyst that opens the door to success and riches in your life. The nominal cost to upload your video is nothing compared to what you can gain. Otherwise, you may have to deal with ‘what might have been”. Upload your video today. Nothing happens unless you take that first step. You know you have talent; now it’s time for the world to see it.

To your success,
— The 2B Awards