New Online Talent Competition Aims 2B Big Hit On The Internet

The 2B Awards, an online monthly talent competition’s official launch is August 1st,
2014 and aims to quickly create a THUNDEROUS BUZZ all over the Internet.

Are YOU, or someone you know the next Rising Star??

This competition involves people uploading videos in approximately 20 creative
categories such as: Vocals, Dance, Solo Instruments, Bands, Comedy, Cheerleading,
and Fashion Design to name a few. Every month online voting will determine the
winners. Winners receive cash prizes; with a minimum of $1,000 up to $10,000.00
dollars per category…but most importantly will have a chance at stardom. The 2B
Awards are currently working with Talent Agencies, Record Labels, Promoters,
Directors, Producers and more that will be viewing their videos. Scouts are
constantly searching for the Next Big Star. Professional entertainment
personalities are working with the 2B Awards as Guest Hosts, critiquing and
reviewing the Top 20 Weekly Videos per Category and giving the entrants pointers on

CEO-Founder, Robert Kenneth started the 2B Awards because he is Passionate about
Helping people Live out their Dreams. He saw an opportunity to help talented
individuals get recognized by creating an online talent search to win cash prizes
and have a chance to be seen by the right people. “The fact is, it’s a very tough
and expensive road to attain stardom and we can connect the talent with the
professionals in this marketplace that can make things happen,” Kenneth said.
Kenneth, a highly successful entrepreneur from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, also knows that
it is important to give back to the community who support the 2B Awards. He has
joined forces with the following charities: International Myeloma Foundation and
Unforgettable Proms (teenagers with cancer.) and always looking for many more!!!

*During our Promotional Period You can upload your 2 minute video for FREE!! Go to
our website at www.2Bawards.comand register now!!!

Life favors people who take action,This is your Date with Destiny…It’s Show Time!!