Adel & Jess joined as artistic duo in 2012, and started in the world of music making a promotional tour in Mexico. They were as guest artists on radio ( FM Globo, Radio Z , Radiorama , etc. ) and television (Televisa and Canal66). They also lived peformances in some acoustic concerts and participated in the big event in Mexico “Fiestas del Sol ” In 2013 they decideded to return to do a Tour in Mexico motivated by fans who every day were more , and begin to create Fan Club in different cities of Mexico (DF , Mexicali , Veracruz and Monterrey) , as well as in cities in South America countries like Argentina, Chile, Ecuador , Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. Adel & Jess also composed songs in English, so in 2014, and after being claimed by Latin radios of New York, they traveled to the Big Apple to live performances and radio interviews. After this, they continued with their tour in Mexico. In 2015, Adel & Jess met the great producer Nacho Mañó (Winner of a Latin Grammy as producer) and decided to work together on an EP with three songs called “Sueños de Amor” from which the single is extracted “Cuando el amor se va”. This songs reached more than 21.000.000 views on Youtube (here you can see the video In 2016, Adel & Jess have been head of the Spanish Radio program “Los Sábados con Mar” and they have also collaborated on the soundtrack of the movie “Benidorm mon amour”. They are also immersed in the production of his new album produced Nacho Mañó called “Luchando por tu amor”. Adel & Jess are delighted and grateful for the thousands of messages of love they receive from their fans in their social networks, and they have reached more than 50.000.000 views on their Youtube Channel (here you can see