Justin Price started his photography career at Towson University in Baltimore, MD. when he was a sophomore in 1996. While in college he started photographing his girlfriend and found out he had a real love of creating images. Shooting with his first camera a Canon rebel Justin discovered he wanted to express his artistic side that he had a real passion for the art of photography.  At Towson University Justin enrolled in photography I and II in his sophomore year and it was then that he completely fell in love with creating still images. Shooting black and white and developing his own film and prints was so much fun and a great creative outlet. Justin also started working jobs at a few photo labs so he could really learn then whole process of developing film and printing photos.  Justin started shooting a wide variety of subjects, everything from landscapes to his cats, to people, and even on the more artistic side-abstract compositions. Photographing models eventually became his main interest, and he began experimenting with different lighting techniques as well as the best ways to compose a photo to help develop his unique and distinctive style. Around the same time he started shooting models Justin decided to try his hand at wedding photography as well. He became determined to make a living out of photography and started working for one wedding studio that taught him the basics of wedding photography but the company was not very reputable and did not treat their customers right so Justin decided to move on.  Justin went and worked for several other wedding studios learning the in’s and out’s and art of shooting weddings and this also helped Justin refine his skills as a photographer. In 1999 Justin started his own wedding studio Priceless Images Photography. Justin continued working for other wedding companies as well, learning as much as he could from each photographer and taking the best of what he learned regarding photography techniques, customer service and other business skills useful in helping propel the success of Priceless Images Photography. In 2005 Justin moved down to south florida in Ft. Lauderdale to expand his business.  Living back and forth between Baltimore and south florida, he eventually began traveling all over the U.S. shooting in different cities.  Over the next couple of years Justin saw himself improving rapidly when it came to wedding photography and photographing models. Justin started winning awards, getting published in major magazines, and having articles written about him. Now that he has developed his own signature style of photography Justin has a vast list of clients that include supermodel Joanna Krupa, hip-hop artist Rick Ross and some of the industries top models. To this day Justin is constantly trying to improve his skills and techniques believing that there is always room to grow and get better and that the art of photography is always an evolving journey.


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