Larry D.Veal is a professional stand up comedian who specializes in Family and Socially Conscious comedy. His views are politically correct and motivational. He is also a Social Entrepreneur who has been featured on Fox News as “A Man with a Message” and CBS news in a documentary entitled “A man who put his career on hold to save kids lives.” He is a pioneer in the area of initiating programs in the schools and communities that are geared to prevent school drop out, curb violence and crime and encourage positive self esteem. Larry has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students in schools and colleges. He has served as consultant with the National Crime Prevention Council in Washington D.C., the National Police Athletic League, and the Communities and Schools. As a comedian has been featured on several local and national shows and as an author he has written the nationally recognized “I Have Will Power Behavior Modification Curriculum”. Project Rule 12” and his autobiography “Troubled Kids Need Jesus Too.” His awards include: “Outstanding Alumni” Paine College 2005, “Making A Difference Award”, Gwinnett County NAACP (2006) “Best Minority Non-Profit” Gwinnett Unity group (2011) Favorite quick story: “I graduated H.S. with a horrible 1.9 GPA and a bad reputation in Indianapolis, Indiana. However being determined to leave that life behind, I literally begged the administration at Paine College, Augusta, Georgia to accept me and promised them that I’d one day make them proud. Therefore ,20 years later when I was awarded “Outstanding Alumni” for creating one of the largest community-based mentoring companies in the country; it was truly was one more testamony of what God can do. Larry performs weekly in comedy clubs across America.