I was born and rased in key west fl. Born in lime light of show bizz. At the age of six (6) years of age. I stared dancing, for the intermition for the showcasing of the Florida keys beauty pageants. I then moved into the music industry as a drumer. Being born in Key West Florida. I got to met people from around the world. After playing in a band for many years. I thought I know all the right people in the entertainment industry. I decited to open the Max Millionz Entertainment Agency. Repersenting, every asspicts of the industry. After many year as a agent. And been in the mix of A+ Artist. In all arenas of entertainment.

After many years in the business, Max desided that it was time for a change.

So today, Max Millionz Entertainment Enterprises’ conssitise of providing, entertainment mangment and Promotions. In a globle arena. In all areas of the entertainment industry.