The Ultimate Entertainer – Singer – Comedian

With the advantage of being diversified in all types of music, Robin Roth has enjoyed a tremendous singing career. A versatile and accomplished entertainer, she is described as a “singer extraordinaire with a comic flair”. Her show is unique, extraordinary and will not be forgotten.  With a broad and varied repertoire that includes classics, standards, swing, Broadway, pop, jazz and today’s hits, Robin delivers it all with passion and intensity. Her comedy routines alone provide an amazing evening of entertainment without even singing a note.

Robin  Roth has performed her “One Woman Show”, around the world including Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Canada, Florida, Arizona, Georgia, California, Italy and London (To name just a few). Her shows are always sold out and include several standing ovations. She is currently performing in Las Vegas for the corporate and convention markets. Her 2 hour performance includes (which can be changed to accommodate venue): music, dance, and comedy.

Some singers think they can do comedy and some Comedians think that they can sing; well Robin the vivacious performer, can do it all! Almost as if by magic she pulls her audience in and includes them in each show with her song and comedy. You never know where she is going and what she is going to do or say, especially during her question and answer part of the show where anything can happen and does. It is obvious that she is having just as much fun as the audience. That perhaps, may be a part of her success.

Robin Roth has also, appeared nationally in over thirty commercials for such companies as Toyota, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Sunkist, McDonalds and IBM.

Robin projects a freshness and vitality that captivates her audiences wherever she appears. Her show is clean cut and perfect for any audience. Her vocal and comedic talents combined with her own personal charm and warmth is what makes this performer so special and extraordinary.

Robin shares her distinctive style with her audiences, which combine honesty, boldness, charm, openness and charisma. Her built-in happiness, joy, quick wit, and just a touch of shyness are beyond charming and contagious.