Spec…what was once a childhood nickname for an adorable young kid has turned into a lifelong identity for one of the music industry’s most quiet success stories to date. Columbus, Georgia’s own Lloyd ‘Spec’ Turner, known by all as Spec, with determination and raw talent has disseminated the recording industry as the secret weapon of some of the most iconic artists to hit the airwaves. His rise during R&B’s golden years of New Jack Swing was preceded by his mentoring of music’s then wonder-boy Dallas Austin. That mentorship would inspire a migration to Atlanta and a musical movement that would result in a collaboration with industry giant Gene Griffin. This union acted as a continuation to Griffin’s legacy which included Guy, Today and Wrecks in Effect; all mega-success stories garnering Griffin revenues upwards of over 50 million records collectively.  Soon after, Spec was composing the material for his first album as founding member of R&B group, Basic Black for the Motown imprint. Spec’s musical gift was validated by the 500,000 plus sales of that first release making Basic Black’s album Gold Certified. Subsequently, he stayed true to his passion and lifelong commitment to music and became staff producer for D.A.R.P (Dallas Austin Recording Projects). From there, Spec produced songs for Whitney Houston, Snoop Dogg, and Jermaine Dupri/So So Def while working alongside the likes of the great Missy Elliott. Some of his best work was featured on Whitney Houston’s album, My Love Is Your Love, Basic Black’s inaugural release entitled ‘Basic Black’ and the So So Def All Star compilation.

Presently, Spec resides in the outskirts of Atlanta, Ga and has become a part of Atlanta’s musical fabric. Currently working his Kardiffgiant project and preparing for its Winter 2016 release, Spec has maintained his status as one of the quietest musical treasures of the Atlanta’s music scene.

Turner, a Grammy-nominated producer has piqued the interest of quite a few entrepreneurs needing an influencer to validate their product lines. 2016 finds Spec Brand Ambassador for a new independent vodka entitled Preve Vodka, Brand Influencer for a new headphone brand, Edifier, and he uses his marketing tool F.O.R.B.E Radio, his own radio show which salutes the best in R&B with an acronym spelling out the Future of R&B Entertainment.